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You're Invited!

Posted by Scott Monday, April 6, 2009

"Photoloom gives the non-genealogists in our family something that they can understand; that will evoke memories...it’s something that draws them in. (Family Photoloom) is showing the connections between the faces in those pictures." ~Lisa Cook, Genealogy GEMS

Sharing family history with family and friends has always been one of our main goals, we've added a new feature that makes sharing even easier. Our new "Invite Button" allows you to invite others to view, browse (and even edit if you choose) your Family Photoloom account. Simply select someone from your “records” list on the left side of your Family Photoloom account screen, and then click the “invite” button at the bottom. Enter the individual’s email address and click “send.” You will see a preview of your invitation before it is sent, and can even customize it if you wish.

I took the opportunity to sit down with Lisa Louise Cook at the Family History Expo in St. George, Utah to tell her about this new feature and other recent innovations at Family Photoloom.

Visit Genealogy Gems to listen to more podcasts from Lisa Louise.

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