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Family History in a Pinch

Posted by Scott Monday, February 2, 2009

Let’s face it; times are tough, and we, like many people, are pinching our pennies. This year, even our family reunion fell victim to the economy. Every two years, we hold a Hughes family reunion, gathering the descendants of my great-grandparents, Willie and Effie Hughes, to swap pictures and stories, collect and correct genealogy information, and generally catch up since the last reunion. However, out-of-control fuel and travel costs forced the family as a whole to forego the reunion and hope for better days on the horizon.

But all was not lost: our reunion instead became a virtual (that is to say, an online) reunion. And it wouldn’t have been the same without Family Photoloom. Family Photoloom enhanced our online reunion by creating a virtual family reunion for our pictures. We have over 350 pictures focusing on Willie and Effie Hughes, spanning six generations. The face tagging and relationship indexing data stored in our Family Photoloom account connects our pictures exactly the same way that a family is connected. You can browse generation to generation or sibling to sibling. You can focus on a single person and see ALL the portraits for that person, or flip over to the relationship tab and see all the pictures of the complete family group. Family Photoloom enhanced our “Virtual Family Reunion” and enabled us to stay connected, even as we pinched pennies and stayed at home on our “stay-cation.”

FAMILY PHOTOLOOM – The Ultimate Family Deal

While we’re talking about saving money, let me take this opportunity to describe the financial benefits of our Photoloom business model for you. In addition to being family-friendly, Family Photoloom ‘pocket-book’ friendly as well. This is because one Premium Family Photoloom Account is all you need to support your entire family organization.

Here is how it works: The account sponsor signs up for the Premium Account, and everyone else signs up for a free trial account. The account sponsor invites all other family members to the family’s Premium Account. That’s all there is to it – a whole family that shares one Premium Account. (It is important to note that the sponsor of the Premium Account has control of not only of who has access to the account, but who has edit (or author) privileges.)

From a business standpoint, it may seem like a wild and crazy idea to allow people free access to a shared Premium Account, so let me explain why it makes good business sense to Photoloom LLC. Two words: Viral Marketing! Every core family is really a combined family: the husband’s family and the wife’s family and at each generation it doubles again. For example, the Willie and Effie reunion site does little for my mom, who is not from this family line; nor does it really meet the needs of my wife, who married into this group of nuts. Both are a potential new Premium Accounts for us. So while you see Free Accounts for all family members, we see Free Viral Marketing.

Times are tough, but we’ll get through them; we always have. We’ll come out stronger as we valiantly do our best to serve one another and help our families stay connected. Don’t let the economy ruin your family reunion – and let Family Photoloom help bring you closer, with a Virtual Family Reunion for your pictures.

Scott Huskey

Coming next time: Learn about quick and easy Family Photoloom email invitations – it takes just one step to invite and add a new member to your account.

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