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One-Click Downloads

Posted by Renee Monday, May 11, 2009

When Cheryl called us recently to suggest a new feature for Family Photoloom, she probably wasn’t expecting to see it up and working in less than 24 hours. But it was!

Cheryl asked for a feature that would allow her to save a portrait she created in her Family Photoloom account to her hard drive, so that it could be used as the “key” picture for that individual in other genealogy applications. The result is our new One-Click Download feature.

Portrait Downloads: Each time you tag a face or anything else with Family Photoloom, a portrait is created. When you choose a record from your “Records” list, all the portraits of that individual appear in a “Portraits List” on the right of your screen.

To download a portrait for use in other applications, simply click the new ‘download’ button that appears on a portrait in the “Portraits List” when the mouse cursor is over it. You will then be prompted to save image to your computer’s hard drive.

Picture Downloads: One-Click Downloads have also been added to the group picture thumbnails at the bottom of the screen to make it easy to download a “full picture.”

Thank you, Cheryl!

One last n
ote: When you contact us at Photoloom, know that we set the bar on Member Support high. We want to hear from you. Tell us what you like, what needs improvement, and what you’d like to see in the future. Who knows, you might even be the next “Cheryl,” and your new feature could be up and running by tomorrow.

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