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Posted by Renee Saturday, February 6, 2010

Photoloom has a new face! We've changed our color scheme and tweaked our logo. Now if you look closely, you can see a "tree" woven into our photo-corner ~ the perfect marriage of photos and family history!

Serendipity is my all time favorite word.

Last Thursday night, I was reviewing some updates our daughter had made to some of our graphics when Serendipity snuck up and stamped on my toe. All of a sudden, I saw “the tree,” right there in front of me. Sure, it was sideways and hidden, but it was there.

Has that always been there? Why haven’t I seen it before? Why did it taken me three and a half years to see something so obvious?

If you’ve been working on your family history for any amount of time, you’ve asked yourself these very questions. There you are, hunched over your desk, scanning the same document for the hundredth time, when suddenly something completely new jumps out at you.
Something that HAS ALWAYS BEEN THERE, just waiting for you to find it. And most of the time, this happens when you are all alone, and you want to jump around the room and hug someone and tell them about the cool thing you just discovered, but there’s no one there and so you have to just kind of squeeze yourself and smile a lot.

Or maybe that part’s just me.

Anyway, my point is, things don’t always happen like we expect them to. And sometimes that’s a good thing.

Have you entered our Family Threads Contest yet? Send us your favorite family history photo and a short description/story/memory about it! First prize is two tickets to the St. George Family History Expo at the end of this month.

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1 Responses to Serendipitree

  1. Gini Says:
  2. It's not just you, I feel the same! I don't have anyone here that I can share my excitment or finds with! That's part of the reason we have each other here in the genealogy blogging community, we get each other!

    Congratulations, consider your self {{hugged}}!