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People Get Ready - the Twitter-train's a'Coming

Posted by Renee Friday, July 31, 2009

If you’ve been hesitant to jump on the Twitter-train, the Salt Lake Family History Expo (Aug. 28-29) offers the perfect incentive to make the leap: using Twitter, you can participate in the Expo - from anywhere - in "real time."

Twitter is a service that allows users to send short messages from their cell phones or computers. Messages are limited to 140 characters in length, and are known as tweets.

Family History Expos has enlisted a capable team of family history and genealogy bloggers to cover the Salt Lake Family History Expo. In addition to posting blog entries about Expo happenings, these “Bloggers of Honor” will be using Twitter to communicate the highlights of the Expo as they happen. And bloggers won’t be the only ones tweeting. All attendees are encouraged to use Twitter to communicate about Expo activities, share photos, and link to blog posts.

Not able to attend the Expo in person? Then attend virtually! You can follow the bloggers and make comments on Twitter, all in real time. Have a question? Tweet it and you'll have an answer in moments. (
Be sure to include the all important identifying hashtag #fhx09-SLC in all your Salt Lake Expo tweets.)

Creating a Twitter account is amazingly easy. All you need is an internet connection or a mobile phone that accepts text messages. Go to the Twitter site and enter your name, a username, email and password. That’s it!

Once your Twitter account is set up, you can begin to “follow,” or subscribe, to updates from other Twitter users. Twitter makes it easy to add people that you would like to follow. Be sure to add Photoloom first!

Family History Expos "Bloggers of Honor". Click names to follow on Twitter

Want to learn more about Twitter? Try these helpful links:

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